A 15-year-old busker whose fingers got tired playing guitar has come up with a unique way of serenading crowds - a bike with a PIANO on the front.

Talented teen Chloe Aston spends her spare time outside of school playing piano and singing to crowds of tourists in her home town.

She used to play guitar, but found the strings began to hurt her fingers and mentioned this to her dad Lee Aston.

Lee, a mechanic, then found a way to make a piano into a push bike - and sent his daughter into the streets of Ilfracombe, Devon, to busk for pocket money.

Chloe said: "I'm the owner of the piano bike.

"I used to do guitar but my fingers would hurt and I wouldn't be able to play for a long amount of time so my dad came up with the idea of putting a piano on a bike."

The bespoke bicycle has an upright piano mounted to the front, and hidden in the instrument's body is a mixing desk, amp, and microphone.

Chloe added: "People often see me and they stop me to ask for photos, they will watch for quite a while.

"They always seem quite happy.

"It's really fun to be able to go outside and play the instrument you love to play."

One onlooker who witnesses Chloe's performance said: "It's unusual, quite quirky. I think she's quite good."