It was perhaps inevitable that Tory general election candidate Simon Fell would try to defend the Conservatives’ indefensible record on UK pensions.

In Thursday's Mail Barrow and Furness Labour candidate Chris Altree correctly pointed out that the Centre for Social Justice, a leading Tory think-tank, fronted by right-wing Conservative MP Iain Duncan Smith, has proposed accelerating plans to increase the state pension age to 75.

It is not yet Conservative policy, and there have been denials by work and pensions secretary Amber Rudd that the proposals will be implemented, but given that the Tories cannot be trusted to tell the truth, it could only be a matter of time before they make everyone work until they drop.

Mr Fell goes on to say that the Tories have a “good record on pensions.”

May we remind him that in Britain the maximum weekly state pension is £168.

In France it’s £304, in Germany it’s £507 and in Spain pensioners collect £513.Unlike Mr Fell, the Sun newspaper didn't dismiss the think-tank’s recommendations.

In a comment piece the paper said: "The think-tank reckons this would boost the economy by keeping older generations in work for longer.

"But pensions experts say it would push many of those who are already failing to save enough for their retirement into poverty, while some would never even retire due to varied life expectancy.

"Research by insurer Royal London has found that a worker on average earnings would need a pension pot of £260,000 at retirement to maintain their standard of living."

Britain’s future under the Tories is one in which we work longer for less money.

Boris Johnson’s cabinet is comprised of hand-picked reactionaries who are hell-bent on achieving a no-deal Brexit, which will have disastrous consequences for the UK.

Experts have given repeated warnings that a no-deal Brexit will cost jobs and our community will not be immune.

Unless they are stopped at a general election, the Tories will later unleash a salvo of domestic policies that could make those of Thatcher and Co seem tame by comparison.

Barrow & Furness Labour Party