A YOUNG Barrow man married the love of his life after meeting her in the aisle of a town centre store.

Danny Bridges, a rigger at BAE and Nichola Armstrong, a teaching assistant at Ormsgill Nursery and Primary School said ‘I do’ in front of all their closest family and friends.

The couple first met each other while working at B&M Store on Dalton Road. Danny would regularly walk Nichola home after work as he also lived just round the corner.

Their first kiss came when they were babysitting Danny’s brother.

Nichola said: “Danny was leaning over to me on the sofa but I wasn’t sure whether he was just getting the remote.

“We still can’t work out whether it was me who went to kiss him or he who went to kiss me.”

Following this, they regularly went to the cinema together enjoying one another’s company.

Nichola went to Edge Hill University in Ormskirk to study primary school education in 2012 and Danny moved to Furness College and then into BAE to become a rigger.

Despite the distance over these few years the couple remained as strong as ever.

Nichola, 25, said: “We knew what we were getting into as I always wanted to go to university.

“Danny was very good through all of it and it really shows how we both allow each other to have our own space.”

The couple then moved into their first house together on Risedale Road, Barrow in March 2016.

Danny, 28, said: “It was really exciting to have our first house together and I just thought that it will either make or break us.

“In the end we just thrived as a couple and we haven’t look back.”

Danny proposed in August 8 2016. It was then their five-year anniversary and they went to The Ryebeck Country House in Bowness to celebrate.

Danny proposed with a glass of Prosecco in the hotel’s beautiful country grounds.

“I got down on one knee just as the sun was setting - it was perfect,” he said.

The couple then got married on Thursday August 8 at The Villa Levens.

They had both their reception and ceremony at hotel with 70 guests joining them during the day and another 20 guests joining them in the evening.

Nichola said: “We loved it and even though I felt a little nervous, as soon as our wedding coordinator asked whether I was ready all the nerves just washed away.”

Danny said: “My heart was going 100mph but as soon as I saw Nichola and Destiny I felt really proud.”

Destiny is the couple’s four-year-old niece that they have guardianship for.

The couple are looking to have a honeymoon next summer.