Dawn Halligan Everyone is in the same boat my daughter has to keep travelling to Blackpool every few weeks, Lancaster for her op and then once braces are finally fitted it will be 6 weekly trips to Morecambe. Meaning time off college and work constantly as the extra travelling means whole days instead of just an hour or so, not to mention the cost of travelling and loss of wages

Charlene McMurtha Unfortunately it’s not just orthodontists that are short. I work in a NHS dental practice and we’ve lost a lot of dentist however are struggling to replace them as they simply don’t want to work for the NHS or come to Cumbria. Would be nice for people to try and understand this crisis rather than take it out on the staff that work at these practices

Fiona Mercer We are in the same boat. We have been travelling to Carlisle for the last 10 months for brace treatment. Shame as my older son was treated at Dalton. This is something that needs addressing as it is costly having to travel and take time off work

Elizabeth Elizabeth My son has been on a waiting list for four years now to see a orthodontist

Jacqueline Cooksey I go too lancaster every month with my child. It's ridiculous

Zoe Ross I made an appointment the other day for my son.... Just a check up.... Next available one is February.... Ridiculous

Paula Bigpea Lancaster every 6 weeks for us

Dawn Brown I’m still waiting my daughter is now 18. Been on list 4 years. Absolutely a joke

Terri Calvert This is nothing new. I’ve been travelling to Lancaster every 8 weeks with my son since April last year

Emma Elliott My daughter has been transferred from the Dalton practice and we now have to travel to Morecambe. It’s not ideal

Joanne Cowley Our Alex has been waiting for 4 years

Dawn Huitson From December 2017 I've been from barrow hospital to Lancaster hospital to Carlisle