A MUSICIAN who left Barrow for the big city is set to perform in her hometown for the first time since leaving.

Nicola Hogg, 28, is returning to the town as part of her new tour of Cumbria.

Ms Hogg, who left Barrow in 2008, has played to millions of people on London underground busking pitches, won songwriting awards through the Mayor of London, played Glastonbury and released seven singles.

She has now announced she will be touring Cumbria, including a number of homecoming performances.

Ms Hogg will begin the tour with a set on Cando FM on September 11, before performing at The Odd Frog, in Duke Street on September 12.

She will then perform at a variety of venues across Cumbria and the Lake District before returning once again to Barrow on September 20 for a special workshop with the children at St Paul’s Primary School, where she went as a child.

Ms Hogg said: “I think it’s going to be really nostalgic.

“I feel like it will be a real trip down memory lane for me.

“I want to come home and get back into the music scene in Barrow.

“It’s great to see the support for local artists from a community of venues like the Odd Frog and the wider support across Cumbria.

“I want to come back and be part of that.”

The focal point of this tour will be Ms Hogg’s latest single ‘Holiday’.

The song is a story of hope, hope in each other and hope in the moment.

Ms Hogg will be using this song in her workshop at St Paul’s school to encourage the pupils to think about hope and what it means to them.

As well as being an artist, she also works as a creative youth worker, utilizing music to engage young people.

Speaking about working with young people in her hometown, Ms Hogg said: “I’m hoping to inspire the pupils at St Paul’s school but really I think they will inspire me."