A TUTOR, who has given thousands of hours teaching disabled people the art of dressmaking, has praised the charity for helping her get back on her feet.

Jenny Le Roy first joined Barrow District and Disability Association (BDDA) in 2006 after she was made redundant from her previous teaching role.

However, just a few months later she was given an 'amazing opportunity' to become a dress-making tutor at the BDDA.

"I was given an amazing opportunity by Margaret Burrow to become a tutor at the BDDA and thus to continue transferring my skills of dressmaking, tailoring and pattern cutting to many students from September 2006 until the present day," Mrs Le Roy said.

"When Margaret offered me the job of tutoring dressmaking at the BDDA, it was not only a help to me but also a help to the many students.

"I believe that social skills are a major part of the course.

"Many learners enrol not just to learn to sew but to make new acquaintances and many develop close and lasting friendships.

"Some may attend a class due to bereavement or ill health and have been advised to come to improve their well being.

"Social and life skills play a major role in the course, and many students discover how much their English and Maths skills improve as it is very much a part of learning to sew."

The BDDA plans on converting its current site into a larger facility after it was bequeathed £96,000.

Mr Le Roy said: "I think it is a wonderful opportunity to put the BDDA more on the map so that people are made aware of the services.

"The larger building will allow the work for disabled people to grow and develop."

Honorary Chief of the BDDA, Margaret Burrow said: "We were highly delighted when Jenny joined us as she is a fabulous person and amazing tutor who can produce spectacular items from very little materials."

The charity needs your help to raise the remaining £120,000 by getting involved in its a ‘build-a-brick’ scheme.

If you would like to become a part of the BDDA legacy, you can purchase an imaginary brick for £1 each where the customer will receive a certificate and their name will go on an imaginary ‘brick wall’.

Since the scheme was launched four weeks ago, the BDDA has raised £3,944.65 towards its £120,000 goal.

To buy a brick, donate at www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/margaret-burrow-build-a-brick.