OUR adopters are what it says on the tin, adopters of the animals here at Safari Zoo.

Invitation with complimentary admission to at least four adopters events throughout the year at the zoo is included as part of the adoption package.

This past weekend we opened up the doors of our vet room and our animal kitchen for our 'behind the scenes' event for our adopters.

Our guests got to meet resident vet nurse Kelly, saw the vet room in all its glory, discovered what a day in the life of a zoo vet was like and even had a go at administering some treatments - including microchipping, injecting and bandaging - on some 'still but cuddly' patients (no teddies were harmed in the making of this event!).

Guests also got to see inside our animal kitchen where keepers and volunteers prepare the meals for the animals each day.

Keepers were on hand to explain how and why diets vary between and even within species.

As most will know, nutrition is key, and all diets are designed and approved by the veterinary team but many are surprised to know that a larger primate like a Siamang for example will have either whole or big chunks of fruit and vegetables, whilst a teeny primate like a tamarin has delicate little diced morsels.

All diets are prepped here onsite by our pawesome animal keepers with an extra sprinkle of love.

Mini giant guinea pigs have arrived in the form of bouncing capy-babbas! The new arrivals were welcomed Thursday morning and have settled into their home with mum and dad just fine.

Welcome to the world little ones. See if you can catch sight of the capy-babbas in the enclosure they share with Giant Anteater Joao.

The zoo is open every day between 10am and 5pm.

It was established in 1994 and is home to a variety of weird and wonderful animals.