ARTISTS from all over the UK headed to Barrow this weekend to share newly-commissioned pieces and rarely seen works.

This year’s special 10-year anniversary edition of 'Full of Noises' saw new commissions brought to Barrow Park.

Strong winds and rain did prevent some of the outside sound sculptures from surfacing, but there was still a positive and inspiring atmosphere throughout the festival.

Art and science duo calibuYau, made up of Christophe de Bezenac and Dave Lynch, held a fascinating project in the park pavilion.

Their work presented information from the 'Born in Bradford' project where different types of data such as genetic, environmental and socioeconomic was collected from 13,500 children from before they were born to now aged 13.

They then used virtual reality (VR) software to present it in a highly imaginative and tangible way.

This allowed participants to put on a VR headset and experience a whole new way of looking at data.

When the headset was on each person was represented by a series of dots in 3D space and the closer these dots were the more they had in common.

The immersive experience allowed people to engage with data in a more engaging way than one might experience on a spreadsheet.

There was plenty of other things on offer as well.

There was work from Domestic Science, Chiz Turnross, Nicki McCubbing, Sarah Kenchington, Sam Underwood and a welcome entry from the Furness Model Railway Club.

2018’s bike-cranked instrument Thing Thong by Sarah Kenchington and Sam Underwood also returns in a new improved mobile form.

Workshops were also held by two of this year’s commissioned artists and music was also held on Friday evening at Barrow Town Hall.

Glenn Boulter, Artistic Director said: "This year we are celebrating 10 years of the festival and we want to show people what a brilliant arts community there is in Barrow.

"Since we started, people have come from all over the country as well as Barrow to see parts of the festival."