FOLLOWING the strong winds and rain from yesterday there is still some risk of flooding despite an improved forecast.

The Met Office has said that for Furness and Cumbria there will be a mix of bright spells and showers throughout today.

Some of the showers will be heavy with risk of thunder.

They also said it would feel cooler with a maximum temperature of 19 degrees.

Tonight, most of the showers are predicted to ease away overnight, leaving a good deal of dry weather by Monday morning.

The Met Office said it would be cooler than some recent nights with a minimum temperature of 7 degrees.

The Environment Agency has however issued some flood warnings across the area with river levels expected to rise in response to heavy rainfall throughout the day at the Duddon Hall river gauge.

The Environment Agency said: “Low lying land and roads in the Duddon and Crake catchments may be affected.

“River and beck levels will respond in the Duddon and Crake catchments with low lying land and roads in the Dunnerdale, Duddon Bridge, Millom, Broughton, Kirkby, Soutergate, Coniston, Ulverston, Dalton and Barrow areas.

“The current forecast shows that rainfall will continue overnight and continue throughout Sunday. We expect river levels to remain high throughout this period.”