IT’S a tough job running a sports club these days.

The bills never go down and it’s often a battle to get people to attend.

Providing a facility in the community and for the community’s benefit, is not a role that anyone undertakes lightly.

Volunteers sacrifice their own lives to help out.

There’s always a job to be done and those involved only do so because they care passionately about their club, and hope to enthuse others with that passion.

So once again it is appalling to hear how some people in the town – a feckless, selfish, mindless, minority – choose to treat a prized community facility.

This time, the knuckle draggers have been trying to spoil Furness Rugby Union Football Club at The Strawberry Grounds.

Club officials have far better things to do than spending the summer worrying about broken glass on the pitch, tidying up after pig ignorant litter bugs or finding their premises broken into again.

The last thing a rugby player wants to fall on is glass and it is unacceptable that hard-working volunteers have to clear up the mess of those who simply don’t care what damage they cause.

Let’s hope the takeaway companies stop delivering and the police dedicate some extra resources to this problem and that any punishment is swift.