A PROSPECTIVE buyer has put in a bid for an empty nightlife venue in Barrow as a leading property expert has declared 'there's no future in nightclubs'.

One Leisure's Barrow venues Skint, Club M and The Cry were put on the market in November.

Club M in Cornwallis Street was marketed by Corrie & Co for offers around £1m while Skint, in Lawson Street, and The Cry were priced at £300,000.

The Mail's reader have had their say on the news.

Kelly Atkinson I'm glad I was young when town was good. I feel sorry for the youngsters nowadays. At least I can afford to go away for weekends and experience decent night life. Barrow used to be fantastic.

Linda Cornwallis Cornwallis Street should be renovated and made into cafes and bars. Gone are the days of nightclubs and dives, bring a bit of class to those beautiful buildings.

Rachelle Poyntz I have great memories of the pub-and-club scene in Barrow in the 80s and 90s. Gaza was fantastic and then a whole raft of pubs on the way to either Manhattan's or Josephine's. Such a shame there is nothing really now but it's down to spending habits changing - pubs can't stay open when youngsters aren't even leaving the house until around midnight. Sad times really as we did have a vibrant nightlife.

David Dalton People being sick, fights every night, the same drab music in every bar. Horrible times.

Sandra Goodsir-West Some amazing nights out. Had some amazing nights that I still probably can't remember. Some lifelong friendships made in that street over the years.

Amy Richardson Oh so many memories. Night life was brilliant back then. Not the same any more. Also miss Yate's, wish we still had Cornwallis Street and Yate's night life.

Carl Burton Absolutely brilliant night out wish I had the money to reopen it myself think it would work better than ever now good times.

Dave Vincent Great night out, getting drunk seeing folks you ain't seen in years then a kebab for the long walk home.

Lee Edmondson To be honest I prefer Broadway than Manhattan's, but I have to admit every time I been in Manhattan's it's been empty all night. It's a shame Yates had to close and didn't reopen at a new location.

Sarah Lucas Best nights of my life.

Christina Cairns Had some good times there when all the club's were open.