Thousands of children across the country are preparing to move from primary to secondary school.

This should be an exciting time, but recent research shows the pressure facing children making the transition is greater than ever.

Over a third (40 per cent) of 11-year olds feel anxious about starting secondary school in September and 40 per cent say that bullying is their main concern.

It’s obvious there is the need to do more for children as they make the move, which is why we are launching our RISE workshops, in partnership with West Ham and Bassett and Gold.

Delivered across England and Wales, the workshops help children to manage change, make friends, and stand up against bullying.

Anxiety can stop children from getting the good start they need and have a devastating impact on their educational attainment.

It is vital children are fully equipped to move up to secondary school with confidence and go on to reach their full potential.

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Lauren Seager Smith

CEO, Kidscape