THE campaigners who fought long and hard against plans to prolong the stay of the Kirkby Moor wind farm will be feeling very deflated today.

The grassroots opposition group mustered all the support they could in a battle against big business.

Many residents, along with all the parish councillors and elected district and county councillors supported their objections, so did the MP and landscape charity, the Friends of the Lake District.

It was an impressive line-up to field at a public inquiry, but such issues are decided on points of law, rather than a count-up of those for and against.

The inspector found no grounds for the 12 turbines to go after they were granted temporary planning permission for 25 years back in 1992.

That means they can stay for a further eight years – up to 2027 – with decommissioning following after.

Wind farm giant Ventient Energy now has work to do to repair relationships.

Understandably, people who have to live and work alongside wind farms, feel very passionately that they should not be imposed on them.

But all sides need to a draw a line under the matter now that the arguments have been tested at a public inquiry.

To re-heat the row far into the next decade could be seen as a waste of everybody’s energy.