My wife and I are staying in Ulverston for two weeks holiday.

On Sunday evening had gone for a walk to Hoad Hill.

We were sitting on a seat on the side of the hill admiring the view across Morecambe Bay.

Suddenly with no warning my wife cried out and a large stone rolled onto the path by her foot.

A dog chased up to the stone.

The stone had hit my wife’s foot and she was in considerable pain.

A man appeared with another dog.

I asked if he had thrown the stone and he said he had thrown it for the dog to chase.

We told him it had hit my wife’s foot with some force and said what a dangerous thing it was to do.

He did say sorry but didn’t seem too bothered.

He picked up the stone and threw it with some force further along the path where he obviously couldn’t see if anyone was there.

My wife was in a lot of pain as we made our way back to where we are staying.

This morning the big toe is very bruised and painful.

We are both in our late 70s and I dread to think what could have happened if it had hit either of us in the face or had hit a child.

If this is the man’s regular route and behaviour other people in the area should be wary.

We arrived here on Saturday to enjoy some walking in the lovely Lake District. That will be curtailed now.

John Thordy