TRACES of a wartime estate where 300 child survivors of the Holocaust found refuge are this week being uncovered, brick by brick.

Children from the Lakes School, Troutbeck Bridge, have been helping to dig and sift the clay soil of their rugby pitch for potential artefacts alongside world-renowned forensic archaeologist Professor Caroline Sturdy Colls.

Some 300 boys fled to Windermere to escape the Nazis in 1945 and later became known as the Windermere Boys.

It was thought the Lake District landscape and fresh air would aid their recovery after surviving the Holocaust.

They were housed on the now-demolished Calgarth Estate in no-frills hostels built for Sunderland flying boat factory workers, and they described their new home as 'paradise'.

Last year the Lakes School collected 1.5 million buttons to mark the number of the children who died in the Holocaust.

Inspired by a visit to the school from one of the former Windermere Boys, the buttons were meant to conceptualise the number who died.