SCHOOL children who want to keep their neighbourhood litter-free have been boosted in their cause with the donation of new gear.

Youngsters at South Walney Infants School received equipment to help them keep the local area spotless after a donation from a Barrow company.

Ian Noble, the managing director of Wardgroup, said he was moved to support youngsters at South Walney Infants School after a recent conversation with the headteacher.

Now employees of the business, along with teachers and pupils, are set to hit the streets of Walney in support of the Better Biggar Bank project - a community initiative launched to make the area the best it can be.

They will complete a litter pick using litter picking kits donated by Ward Group.

Mr Noble said: “I was impressed by the vision the school had adopted for teaching their pupils about the importance of a sustainable environment and its commitment to assisting with the blight of discarded litter and plastic.

“Nancy McKinnel, the school headteacher, had explained to me how the pupils were helping with the Better Biggar Bank scheme and assisting in litter picks on the beach.

“I believe that educating children at an early age to respect the environment in which they live is commendable, and South Walney Infants School were clearly progressive in that respect.

“We all have a shared duty of care for the planet on which we live and businesses must take their responsibilities seriously.

"I believe the planet is at crisis point and businesses must ensure that they operate in a professional and ethical manner and never place ‘profits before planet'."

Mrs McKinnel said: “This donation will enable children all to go out as a class equipped with pickers, bags and gloves all donated by Wardgroup.

“The desire to keep the area clear has become infectious. People can see how clean and wonderful the area looks at the moment, and are keen to keep it that way. “We are a Beach School, a Forest School and we are a Green Flag Eco School.The children are passionate about the environment and keen to make a difference.”