SEIZED money from convicted criminals is set to be reinvested into South Cumbrian communities.

Police are distributing funds acquired from confiscated items to projects within Barrow, Ulverston and other areas in an initiative known as the Property Fund.

According to Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Peter McCall, the seized assets will be distributed towards a range of applicants from Barrow, Ulverston and more.

Mr McCall said: "Taking money from often the ill-gotten gains of criminals and re-investing it into the community can only be a good thing.

"Local people make applications based on what matters most to them and what will make a real difference to them.

"I am particularly focused on projects which give our young people positive values, help develop resilience, confidence and a sense of ownership and responsibility to their local communities to help break that cycle of criminality.

"One example of a recent Property Fund project is with Barrow AFC, where funding has enabled the club to purchase an inflatable football arena and a 16 week coaching programme for young people in Barrow town centre, for the next three years.

"These type of resources provide mobile diversionary activities where they are needed most and give young people access to active and healthy clubs in their free time."

"I urge members of the public to contact me if they would like to provide positive opportunities within their community and be involved in a project."

Inspector Jim Bailey said: "Whether it is being able to buy some new kit or updating community club resources, the Property Fund is an excellent example of how much difference funding can make to volunteers and clubs.

"Community groups often reply on people giving them an extra ‘leg up’ and having the opportunity to apply for grants that we know will be spent locally, on projects and people that need it most, is vital."

The next deadline date for Property Fund applicants is August 31, to apply see