DURING this past week, Safari Zoo team members attended the annual Biaza Research Conference hosted by Welsh Mountain Zoo at the Venue Cymru in Llandudno.

Research is fundamental to a zoo, providing the scientific basis for understanding the animals in our care and implementing changes, modifications and adaptations to improve animal welfare and the visitor experience, from enrichment schedules, to diets, to judging the impact of information provided in the zoo on visitors.

Attending over the the days gave us an insight into the research carried out by peer zoos, as well as the benefits to the welfare of resident animals.

We look forward to implementing our own internal research projects in the very near future, as well as inviting students to join us while completing or working towards projects, dissertations and thesis’.

We also got the chance to see the Welsh Mountain Zoo during the trip.

Visitors today will find Stanley the sloth has had a little relocation out of the tropical house and into his new home next to the Illescas Aviary.

In his new home Stan will have access to a tree house, multiple ropes and also an external climbing frame and platform. He’ll be getting used to his indoor house for a short time before he starts to venture out, but do keep an eye out.

Happy new home Stan!

Visitors over the past few days may well have noticed a refurb under way in our raccoon enclosure.

Hinawai and Wabash are having an extension which will double the size of their enclosure, allowing them to roam all the way to the left.

They are also having a new water feature installed.

For a short period of time, you will find them just chilling on one of their new platforms, overseeing the works as our magical maintenance team complete the finishing touches to the enclosure.