Emma Banks: Thoughts are with the families of those that lost their loved ones. This will be a difficult time for all involved.

Lorna McCarthy: I don’t understand how they can just release him after brutally murdering two innocent people.

Mark Purcell: He has served his time and yes he deserved what he got but it's was a jealous rage and he is now 50 let him now have his life.

Laura Todd: That animal should never be released he murdered two innocent people one of whom was my cousin and much loved member of the family, Jennifer was a loving mum and daughter who's life left a massive hole in the family especially her mum daughter and siblings, he showed no remorse when he murdered them so in my eyes two lives brutally lost means he should serve two life sentences.

Ellie Law: Some may say he did his time let him live his life. He left three families devastated by his actions, Friends of all families devastated by his actions. The two people he murdered in a jealous rage do not get to live their lives because of his actions. nine years for each person, isn't enough time for him to serve for the crime he committed. Thinking of all families and friends involved, including his own family who have also had to live with the devastation he has caused by his actions.

Colin Wright: He served his time, good luck on the outside. Unless you meet family members with a grudge, then the cycle repeats.

Pete Downing: Victim, Anthony McIntee was a friend of mine. His family will never be released from their grief and the horror of what this animal did to him and to that lovely girl. Life should mean 'life'.

Janet Bury: I remember that case. I hope he will relocate elsewhere.

Michael Backhouse: Its the families who are having the life sentence nothing can bring there loved ones back think about how they are feeling

Stacy Baron: The lad he killed had a heart of gold. This lad should do life not 18 years.