TWO heroic bowls players have spoken about how they miraculously helped a Barrow granddad 'back to life'.

Allen Crighton, 71, and Edmond (Eddie) Harkins, 66, came to the rescue of Keith Wilson after he suddenly collapsed whilst playing at Barrow Island Bowls Club on a Monday.

Mr Wilson was about to bowl when after walking five steps he fell face forward 'as if he had been shot', according to one witness.

Two of Mr Wilson’s fellow bowls players worked together to carry out CPR for six minutes until paramedics arrived.

Mr Harkins, a former electrician in the shipyard, said: "He fell face forward. We turned him over and he just went purple.

"We tried to take a pulse but we couldn't find one."

Mr Crighton, a former Barrow firefighter, said: "I kept his head in a position to allow his airwaves to open.

"We thought we weren't going to see him again - his eyes were open but nothing was there."

Mr Harkins said that paramedics 'shocked him' four times, but he was still unresponsive.

"He wasn't moving, but a paramedic eventually said that they had found a pulse", said Mr Harkins.

Both have known Mr Wilson for many years describing him as a 'nice, lovely bloke' and wished him the very best for his recovery.

On Wednesday Mr Wilson underwent surgery at Blackpool hospital for two stents and is currently awaiting a pacemaker.

His wife, Willa Wilson said her 77-year-old husband was showing strong signs of recovery.

"He is coming along slowly and is doing pretty good", she said.

After The Mail wrote a previous story an appeal was sent to find the identity of the two unknown life-savers as Mrs Wilson wished to personally thank them for their actions.

Mrs Wilson has now been provided with their details and is looking to thank the pair in the near future once Mr Wilson has undergone his surgery.

She said: "We will definitely be getting in touch to give them our thanks."