A STONE’S throw away from Millom is one of the area’s hidden gems, HerdwickS.

The venue, on Steel Green, is a luxury hotel and restaurant rolled into one, and to put the cherry on the cake its location is second to none.

Another massive bonus, HerdwickS (and yes the ‘S’ is capital) is a dog-friendly, warm venue.

On approach, take a swift left to the rear of the hotel and you’ll spot the bistro’s front door with enticing stickers saying ‘dog-friendly’ and ‘vegan options’.

If you care for either of those statements, you’ll understand how rare they are - especially together.

For starters I whet my whistle with a salted caramel milkshake (with oat milk, of course), while my girlfriend went for the more exotic choice labelled ‘green reviver’: a vitalising juice drink kale, mango, banana, and lemongrass.

We both decided to only go with a main, so I ordered the veg chilli, while my better half went for the cashew and mushroom wellington.

Like all couples, I have to give her a bit of my food to try before I was permitted a taste and she returns the favour by giving me a small mouthful of her dish, but only when she chooses.

My chilli was outstanding - spicy, fresh and filling.

The cashew and mushroom wellington (once I was given a taste) was equally delectable.

As well as incredible meals, the atmosphere at HerdwickS was homely, and was made complete with its wooden, chic interior.

If you eat veg-based meals in restaurants, you’ll understand the dishes will usually come to the table after your meat-eating friends’ meals.

However, both the chilli and wellington came to the table in impeccable time.

The value for money was good, but there are cheaper veg-based options at other venues.

The only other [slight] downfall, and this is purely in an attempt to give some constructive criticism, was my partner and I came across the venue completely by accident after roaming around Millom’s RSPB Hodbarrow site.

It was a great venue with even better food and although HerdwickS’ Facebook page is very informative, arguably, more publicity advertising its location wouldn’t go amiss.


Food 5

Atmosphere 5

Value 4

Service 5

Pros: A five-minute walk to the seaside

Cons: We came across the restaurant by accident, and it would have been a shame to miss such an incredible eatery. Advertise the menu and directions for South Lakes tourists.