COUNCILLORS have voiced concerns over a new housing development in Ulverston.

A number of Ulverston Town councillors have raised concerns over the upcoming West End Lane housing complex known as ‘Pennington Place’.

The development, which is located just off West End Lane and close to Siemans factory, will comprise 87 new homes comprising of two, three, four and five-bedroom homes.

However, the site, headed by Story Homes, is classed as a medium flood risk area, causing concern among councillors and residents.

Cllr Andrew Butcher, said the flood risk was a ‘big issue’.

He said: “South Ulverston is very prone to flooding.

“There is no defences in yet which is my main concern.

“This does not seem an appropriate site for a development.”

Fellow councillor, James Airey, said the plans need to be followed smartly.

“This is one of the more controversial sites due to the high flood risk”, he said.

“We do need extra housing in Ulverston but there are better sites available for this.”

The housing developer, however, purports that 35 per cent of the properties on the development will be classed as affordable homes. The company also claims the complex will bring economic benefits to the area during the construction phase, including sustaining jobs for local subcontractors and support for local businesses as well as supply chains.

Councillor Colin Pickthall welcomed the prospect of more affordable housing in the Ulverston area.

He said: “Affordable housing is definitely something to be welcomed.

“If they can solve other problems like access and the flood risk, that would be great too.”

A Story Homes spokeswoman said: “The flooding risk at Pennington Place was highlighted during the early stages of planning.

“We fully assessed the risk and ensured that mitigation against flooding was included as part of the planning application process.”