RESIDENTS on Barrow Island have been told to evacuate their homes after a suspicious item was found within the shipyard. 

William Anderson, who lives in Ferry Road, said a police officer had knocked on his door at around 5.30pm and asked him to evacuate his home. 

The Mail:

Residents in Patrick Street and Ivy Avenue are also being evacuated while those living in Cameron Street have been told not to go into their back yards. 

One resident said: "I've been here 10 minutes and they're not letting me back in my home. 

"This is ridiculous. 

"The alarms are going off but no one is saying what's going on."

A spokesman for BAE Systems confirmed an item, possibly unexploded ordnance, had been found near the Central Yard Facility. 

The Mail understands the company informed police of the discovery.

A spokesman from BAE Systems said: "We are working with Cumbria police following the discovery of an unidentified object in the central yard area of our site. It was found this afternoon during routine excavation work.

"As a precaution, police have started to evacuate residents in Ivy Avenue, St Patrick's Road, Cameron Street and part of Ferry Road.

"We have also evacuated six buildings in that area of site and put in place a 100m cordon. The public's cooperation in avoiding this area at this time is appreciated.

"Employees who are due to work this evening's night shift should check the company's information helpline on 0808 126 1908 for updates."

Bomb disposal experts from the Army's Catterick Garrison site in Yorkshire are understood to be on their way. 

The Mail:

Police are currently preventing pedestrians from accessing part of the area around Ferry Road. 

Since the redevelopment of the shipyard's facilities has been ongoing a number of items of unexploded ordnance have been found within the site. 

In November 2016 bomb disposal experts from the British Army's Royal Logistics Corps regiment from 521 Squadron based at Catterick in Yorkshire were called to the BAE Systems site in Barrow.

A suspicious item, believed to be an unexploded six-inch military shell, had been found on the shipyard site close to Buccleuch Dock.

On arrival, the bomb disposal expert quickly ascertained the discovery was in fact just a piece of metal.

Given the nature of the shipyard site it was a prime target during both the First and Second World War.

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