BARROW residents are being warned not to fall foul of the law when trying to get rid of rubbish.

Paying odd-jobbers to take it away could result in a £400 fixed penalty or a trip to court, said Barrow Borough Council.

It follows a recent fly-tipping incident in the town where a householder paid someone £60 to dispose of their waste after having work done at their home.

But the pile ended up dumped at the back of Sutherland Street and was found by the council who then traced its original owner.

Streetcare manager Alan Barker said it was a ‘genuine case’ with the householder unaware of the law and believing they had done the right thing.

Mr Barker said many people did not know that if they passed the rubbish onto a third party, they remained ‘legally responsible’ for it unless proper procedures were followed.

Mr Barker said: “The gentleman has acted in good faith and been burnt. I have made it clear that the duty of care of the rubbish rests with him because you could be looking at a trip to court and an unlimited fine, or a £400 fixed penalty notice.”

Anyone offering to take rubbish away must hold a waste carrier’s licence issued by the Environment Agency. Residents must also get a waste transfer note from them, otherwise, the agreement is not legitimate, he said.

“If Joe Bloggs comes along and says he will move your waste for £50 you can actually go on a website and see if he has got a waste carrier’s licence.  If they haven’t, the chances are they are going to dump it in a layby or a back street somewhere,” said Mr Barker.

The council is now advising residents ask to see a waste carrier licence and find out which facility the waste is being taken to and get a permit number.

They can check the credentials by contacting the Environment Agency on 08708 506 506 and asking for a waster carrier validation check.

Alternatively, they can visit

Barrow Council’s corporate support manager John Penfold said fly-tipping which is not cleared away quickly often becomes a ‘magnet’ for other rubbish.