Tony Moon Bring back the large grey bins for everybody. Also The Zest volunteer litter picking team cleaned out the park and seating area on Manchester Street a couple of weeks ago I checked it yesterday and it is like a tip again.

Darren Barry-Sheene Atkinson Tony Moon and stop recycling? Never heard such rubbish. Pun intended.

June Eccles I've got Simply The Best refuge collectors on my round emptying my Black Bin,s & The Red bin Collectors seem ok, they could be better, but at least I don,t have to go to the bottom of the street looking for my bottle box, a quiet word with them & they leave the box & bin where they found it! Happy Day,s.

Marilyn Oshea they refused to take my recycling bin because it had 3 crisp bags in it am teaching my great grandchildren to use a bin and not drop rubbish on the floor they are 2&3 years old sodding jobs worthes

Kris Tank Telfer So why the hell are we still paying for this so called recycling service that pick and choose what goes in the red bin and tell no one?

Kathryn Maguire My new neighbour's recycling bin has not been emptied since Easter and is still in back street getting very smelly, too near my house

Matt Holliday Put the resources in place to match everywhere else then! no good telling people what can and cant when alot of people try and just assume the recycle logo on items means it can go in.

bigger general waste bin paper and card, glass and tin ,garden....and ultimately make sure they're collected on time. Should cut down on excess litter as well.

Laura Ellen Johnson Mine hasn't been collected for 3 months even after calling up about it

Laura Ellen Johnson June Eccles I moved into my property the end of March, it's not been emptied since then

Robert Sewell I have had to pay 3 times for my in to be emptied not with the council either and when they do come round they are shouting at 7/730am