TAKING on a rescue dog does bring with it new challenges, but it can also turn out to be an amazing experience giving owners immense satisfaction.

Rescue dogs are wonderful pets and new owners know they are giving the animal a new life.

One woman who knows this from experience is Kay Hyland of Barrow.

She adopted her fifth rescue dog, Mylo, a blue roan cocker spaniel, three months ago.

Mylo, aged eight-years-old, came from out of the area where he was in the care of CAESSR, the Cocker and English Springer and Spaniel Rescue.

Kay says he was sad when they first took him on but after weeks of love and care Mylo is now bright and healthy.

He is not only enjoying his new life, but is giving his new owners much joy.

Mylo was shy at first but now loves cuddles, is very well behaved and sociable out on his walks.

Mylo loves food; any food. He also loves trips away in his camper van and has discovered the joys of running along a beach.

Kay adds that taking on a rescue dog can sometimes be a challenge but the joy they bring when they settle in is more than worth it.

Leila is described by owner Esha North as a naughty pup who is also a loving and affectionate dog.

Esha, who lives in Barrow, says Leila is her and partner Adam’s first dog as a couple.

Leila knows how to push the boundaries, but actually comes over to apologise afterwards by licking your nose.

Once she has been patted Leila knows she has been forgiven.

The couple adopted her in February last year and she is very much part of the family.

Natasha Coetzee-Johnson is enjoying life in Millom with seven-year-old chihuahua Pippa.

Pippa is always happy especially when playing with her toys.

She may have only little legs, as fitting of her breed, but Natasha says she will walk forever if allowed.

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