A SCHOOL has taken it upon itself to support struggling families by collecting food and creating a foodbank.

Walney School is now running a foodbank to address what they have identified as a ‘need’ to help pupils and their families put food on the table during the summer months.

As many pupils ready themselves for summer fun there are some families where the school break is more ‘daunting’ than ‘exciting’.

Andrea Amacna identified the need as part of her role as pastoral support at the school.

“I work a lot in safeguarding and I began to notice how some families were struggling - they work and they are still struggling”, she said.

“We do a lot as a school to support our students and the school’s Charitable Committee very kindly donated £250 to allow us to start to buy food for the students and their families who need extra help.

“Some family members are having to give up their jobs simply so they can care for their children through the summer months as they can’t afford childcare.We have even had some family members break down as they don’t know how they are going to cope.

“As the summer break looms pupils will no longer be able to benefit from a free school breakfast and a free nutritious lunch and so puts a lot more pressure on families and whilst for many the summer time is exciting, for others it is daunting.

“By setting up our foodbank we are hoping to address this need and we are very grateful for all the support we have received so far, particularly from Keith who generously donated £100 to help us buy more food.”

Keith Devlin, owner of Ironwerx Gym in Barrow made his donation after seeing a school post on social media regarding the foodbank.

Mr Devlin said: “It’s a sad state of affairs that we need foodbanks to help feed people in 2019 to be honest and I know that there is no provision for the children who are eligible for free school meals to get free dinners in the long summer break.

“That’s when I decided to help out with a donation and also said to Andrea that if they need another donation if they start running out of food then to just let me know.”

Two students, Ella Gill and Amelia Langhorn have also been key in setting up the foodbank.

If you would like to receive support from the scheme or to make a donation please call Mrs Amacna on 01229 471528.