THE A590 through South Cumbria continues to make headlines for all the wrong reasons.

This time, residents living between Brettargh Holt and Meathop roundabouts, have raised concerns.

The figures show that along this stretch alone, 15 people were killed or seriously injured in three years.

There was also 50 minor collisions – an indictment of just how dangerous this section of the A590 can be.

Readers will know that this stretch swaps from dual carriage way to single carriageway and then to dual carriageway again. Subsequently, motorists are more inclined to put their foot down on these sections to overtake other vehicles. Compounding the problem is that this section of road is regularly used by a toxic mix of commuter, freight, farming and tourist traffic. You can meet anything from big tractors to artics, slow-moving caravans and fast-moving motorcycles, some pulling out, some looking to turn-off. It is good that Highways England is allowing a platform for these issues but the answers appear far from certain. Part of the problem is that these sections are as straight as an airport runway and people drive accordingly. While they undoubtedly improve journey times, it also makes these sections highly vulnerable to collisions. Perhaps it is time to consider speed cameras and more visible police enforcement.