Ange O'Halloran If you don't like Primark then you don't have to shop there if we get one. No one's holding a gun to people's heads and forcing them to go in. It would stop the shop from being left to deteriorate when no one else moves in, and will create jobs. And to everyone saying "everyone in Barrow will be dressed the same!" Guess what? Primark actually sells more than one item of clothing, so how is everyone going to look the same?

Anne-marie Thompson Yes definitely. Saves going away to shop. Hope they succeed. Hope so, it would be great

June Eccles No thanks We've got enough charity and junk shops without a Primark! Keep Marks & Sparks!

Barry Davies June Eccles it could stay empty and fall into disrepair or another charity shop, surely it's better to have a shop that a lot of people want !

Barbara Stewart June Eccles you may not like Primark but a lot do. See how many young ones and families love it if the council allow it

Becka B-Gardner It’s only gonna end up staying empty for years if nobody takes over it besides a lot of people round here aren’t able to afford clothes that are brand new for them selves or their kids hence why people go to charity shops

Fay Goodwin I've found Primark prices have jumped not much different to supermarket for a lot of stuff

Barry Davies Prices have jumped everywhere. I know someone just come back from Blackpool bragging about getting T-shirts for £2

Brian Sinclair There is nothing wrong with Primark. In fact it will help a lot of families afford good clothing, even myself. I shop in Primark often as I'm not one for named brands just to be noticed. Charities get enough of the high street and bags posted through our doors. So I for one will welcome the chain to Barrow. If people don't like it then shop elsewhere. No one will force you to shop there!

Richard Young Well said Brian Sinclair. It could also compliment other shops in the area. More feet on pavement can't be a bad thing for other businesses.

Tracy Whitworth I'd rather keep M&S but it's an empty shop filled and jobs opportunity.

Steph Eaton Would be brilliant if this was to happen but I don’t think it ever will to be honest. We will probably just end up with a shop we already have four of as usual.

Emily Jane Yes! I love the home ware stuff!

Andrea Pitts I think it would be good especially for children, even though there are a lot of people saying everyone would be wearing the same clothing. We could say that about new look really as a lot of people here where the same clothing as each other, which cant be helped living in a small town

John Marshall About time we need some decent clothing shops

Julie Clarke Their underwear is fantastic.

Lisa Hudson Primark always brings a bargain hunter in town, a largely different clientele to M&S.

Emily Jane Primark is cheap and affordable, we need to think about the people who may not be able to afford high end prices for clothes such as top shop, River Island, Debenhams, just because you don't like it, doesn't mean others don't, it's affordable and could help struggling families cloth their children and themselves for a less costly price