Gemma Kershaw Musical bins on my street, there's only about 5 red bins so you've got to be quick getting out there to grab one. Called for a new one and still waiting....

Harry Haitch wouldn't take my red bin two weeks ago, it was full to the brim with all the normal recycling but horror of horrors there were a couple of brown plant pots in there "sorry mate can't take hard plastic " so they left the sodding lot, so I had to then bag it up took it to the tip and threw it in the land fill as non recyclable waste, but anyway its gone now good old council rules is rules, sorted eh?

Guy James Pickup Standardize the whole recycling across the uk,far to many options.

Holly Fisher When I lived in Salford, all the bins were the same size as the current red bin we have, we had: Blue bin for paper and card board collected every other week and Brown bin for glass, plastic and tins collected alternating weeks from blue bin

Holly Fisher Also I left Salford nearly 5 years ago and it's still the same!

Dawn Mckellar God we don't want any more bins :o

Holly Fisher Dawn Mckellar I'd rather have a glass bin than a box though, wouldn't you? And surely the garden waste could double up as food waste.

Hazel Platt same Holly. I have moved up from Bolton where food waste doubles up as garden waste. Much more efficient! Barrow is shocking!

Tess Brannigan Holly Fisher I wish there was one for waste as my big bin stinks after two weeks. I recycle as much as possible

June Eccles I have great respect for my black bin collectors, but sadly I think the red bin collectors are ignorant!

Su Pearson Holly Fisher totally miss the bins they have in Cheshire area too. So much easier for those who cant bend to lift boxes

Dawn Mckellar already got three large bins in my forecourt, plus the box. Not sure where people going to put more bins tbh. What about more places where people can take stuff for recycling?