CHILDREN from a Barrow school had a magical time on their residential trip to London.

Year six children from Yarlside Academy visited Harry Potter world as part of their annual residential visit to London.

Janine Pierce, headteacher at Yarlside Academy, said: “Harry Potter World is a brilliant attraction and we went in the hope of encouraging more of our children to read more.”

“It was a great opportunity and the children really enjoyed it.

“The whole thing was presented really well, it was very interactive.”

Eight children have written articles about the trip.

Molly, year six, wrote: “Harry Potter’s studios is massive.

“Within two minutes of being inside we saw a ginormous dragon.

“Once we started the tour we went into a cinema were it told us what would happen.

“After that we experienced some amazing things. We saw all the different wands, as well as the goblins’ masks, and how they put them on.

“We saw the big hall where all of Hogwarts had their dinner and there was also a replica model of Hogwarts with explanations of how it was built.

“ We also had the chance to venture inside one of the houses, and Dumbledore’s office.

My favourite part had to be seeing all costumes the cast wore - they looked so real.

“I also enjoyed the gift shop at the end of the tour; it had everything including chocolate frogs. I also liked the massive model of Hogwarts.”

Alfie, year six, wrote: “In the amazing Harry Potter studio tour the first thing you saw from the films was the majestic Great Hall that stood before you with all the costumes that the actors had worn whilst in there.

“There was also Dumbledore’s Study that had even the smallest of detail and they even had number four Privet Drive which you could actually go inside.

“There was also had a brand new area which was Gringotts Bank and it had all the (fake) gold.

“My favourite parts, well where to start?

“ I really enjoyed the brand new 3D film of a dragon that breathed fire - it was amazing.

“Another thing I loved were the humongous chess pieces from wizard chess.

“I really liked was the knight bus which was so cool.”