PRAISE must go to the volunteers in Lindal, Askam and Dalton who are stepping up to tackle the scourge of speeding drivers.

With more vehicles on the road than at any other time in our history, the need to watch our speed has never been more critical.

We have all been guilty of rushing about or being late, but it is wide to step back sometimes and consider how we would feel if the worse happened.

How would we change the life of ourselves and others. Anyone who has driven along the A590 into or out of Barrow will know precisely which type of drivers the speedwatch groups are targeting.

There is always one who believes the rules of the road do not apply to them – whether it’s failing to signal, giving way at a roundabout or overtaking in a dangerous manner.

Anyone who has lost a family member to a crash or has been injured in a collision, will know just how preventable such incidents are.

All it requires is a gentle lifting of the foot from the accelerator.

Far too often, drivers fail to scan the horizon for upcoming dangers and simply bomb along in their own little world - oblivious to everyone else.

Elderly pedestrians, young children, other drivers, cyclists and pets can all be easily killed from a snap error of judgement which would haunt us, and others, for a lifetime.