Eddie Dean Britain is so backward when it comes to attitudes toward cyclists, the cleanest, healthiest transport, second only to walking. They might take a minute to pass but that's nothing to the traffic tailbacks caused by the endless queues of cars at rush hour. But it's easier to blame the minority for all the problems on Britain's road.

Christina Howker Can't say if I welcome it without more details. I certainly have concerns about it. Which side will it be on? How will there be room for cyclists travelling in opposite directions to pass safely? What happens when they reach the end and need to continue on in the other direction? But most importantly, what measures will be put in place for the pedestrians that have been forced onto only one side of the bridge when they then need to cross the road at the Barrow end? Currently that's very difficult and dangerous to do. And closing one side to pedestrians will force more people to have to cross there. Who will monitor the 'success' of the trial?

Simon Walker Great idea, keeping cars, cyclists and pedestrians separate is a great idea to reduce the risk.

Liam Fenton Will only last as long as the walking/cycle path on the lane towards biggar village. A waste of our money.

Gavin Dale Cyclists should have to have insurance and to an extent pay towards cycle lanes etc or they should stop moaning or ride 2 or even 3 a breast on the roads then moan when cars come to close

Colin Barnes 'Barney' Cyclists should be on the road. And paths for pedestrians.

Claire Shannahan I just don't think the bridge is big enough for this. My thoughts are make more room on current bridge for cars by getting rid of the pavements and build another bridge just for pedestrians and cyclists.

John Price They need manners when letting them past over the bridge the amount of people on bikes that don't say thanks is unreal