TWO young men in ‘shorts and t-shirts’ had to be rescued from Walney Channel after their boat’s engine cut out, leaving them stricken.

They were rescued from the water after being spotted by port authorities around lunchtime yesterday.

The pair had been stricken on the water for around an hour and were said to have been cold and sea sick before their speedboat was towed back to shore.

Associated British Ports harbour master Richard Spenceley, who piloted the boat to take them back, warned people to ‘be careful’ and seek advice before going out on the water this summer following the rescue.

Mr Spenceley said: “They looked about 20 and were wearing shorts and t-shirts and unfortunately they were starting to get cold and suffer from sea sickness.

“We’re getting to the time where it’s getting hot but that doesn’t always mean the water is going to be hot.

“People need to be careful and be properly prepared before they take to the water.

“That means wearing sufficient clothing. People can also check with the port authority before they go out for advice on conditions and water temperature.”

He also said it was especially important people took the advice to reduce the strain on lifeboat rescuers.

“People need to think about the consequences before they go out," he said.

Mr Spenceley urged people to seek advice before going out by calling Associated British Ports on 01229 615900.