A SCHOOL in Ulverston has taken part in a Victorian murder mystery as part of national Creative Writing Day.

Year Six pupils from Pennington C of E School have helped solve a tragic murder mystery at Denscombe House in their rendition of 'Death at Denscombe.'

Pupils worked in pairs and small groups to help rehearse, plan, perform and write a convincing defence or prosecution speech to persuade the court.

The group presented their speech to the jury in order to convince the court to make a unanimous decision.

On their termly newsletter, staff members praised the pupils good behaviour and quality writing.

They said: "The class worked superbly and produced some excellent, high quality writing.

"A big thank you to Mr Copping (the Butler) from the University of Cumbria who helped us speculate and investigate the murder at Denscombe House."

Pupils also took part in Ulverston's major music festival, Another Fine Fest.

The reception class performed on the Meladrome Stage alongside teacher, Mr Byrne.

Audiences took part in the class' rendition of Beetles tracks, All You Need Is Love and Octopus’ Garden.

On the school's Facebook Page, one staff member wrote: "A big thank you to all children, staff and parents who came along to support the reception class and Jon Byrne at Another Fine Fest, they were amazing."

Another Fine Fest took place last weekend.