A WAR veteran says "heavy-handed" police could have made him "take his own life" after he made a joke about Brexit.

Falklands hero Tony McNally was shocked to get a visit from cops after he jokingly posted on Twitter “Maybe it’s time for a military coup to sort Brexit out”.

The 57-year-old, from Ulverston, tweeted after reading an article about a general’s claim that a ­government led by Jeremy Corbyn could face an Army mutiny.

He was visited by two police officers who Mr McNally said likened his tweet to violent threats made against MPs in the wake of the Jo Cox murder.

The former anti-aircraft missile operator was just 16 when he joined the army and 19 when he was deployed to the Falkland Islands.

He was later diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Mr McNally branded the police response to his Brexit tweet as "heavy-handed".

"This incident has been incredibly upsetting and has left me depressed,"

"This heavy-handed treatment by the police over a tweet can push a vulnerable veteran to take his own life. I hope my speaking about it prevents this happening to anyone else.

"The world seems to have gone mad we all need to sit down take a breath and try to be more civil with each other regardless of political opinion."

A spokesman for Cumbria Police said: "Police were made aware of concerns following a posting on social media.

"Officers visited and suitable advice was given regarding the post. No further action was taken."