Jose Fallows What if you don't have an app?

Sonia Jeffers Been using the app for A1 for ages. Hardly ever had a problem with it

James Kirkby Not a bad idea, but it remains to be seen what the fares are going to be like. If they're going to charge rank rate, firm rate, or set a separate fare. whereas uber gives you a price estimate, you pay for it all electronically, no cash in hand is exchanged.

Mike Braithwaite I assume if the council is allowing this app to run taxis in town it will remove all restrictions for the other taxi drivers as well?

Lew F Smi Mike Braithwaite there’s nothing stopping other taxi drivers using an app to get fares is there? I mean really it’s just replacing the phone number with an app

Rob Laurie Mike Braithwaite what restrictions ?

Louise Jade Robson What is the difference between a taxi and a Uber?? Aren't these the same thing??

Chel Ballantyne Isn't it Uber where every drver needs a valid DBS in order to work also im sire that was on the telly?

Norman Pennington Every driver that has private hire or taxi license has a three year DBS.

Chel Ballantyne Oh shows how much I know hahaha

Ann Toft We need it because our taxi ranks are getting worse

Simon Dale Good idea because taxi services in Barrow at the moment are absolutely useless

Patrick Pearce An app based company is in no way different to a telephone based company in the eye's of the law, both need operators licence's. The only difference is without the over heads of a telephony system or the need to pay staff 24 hours to answer the phone or an office these savings can be passed on directly to the drivers themselves, possibly through a similar commission based system as Uber do. So not only will drivers be paying less, but during quiet weeks they're not stuck with rent they can't pay because the work isn't there. It's a great idea.