REPORTS of crimes have halved on Barrow Island’s Egerton Court compared to last year, police said.

The improvements have been put down to the introduction of the area’s community hub.

These types of crimes include burglary-dwelling, sexual offences, harassment incidents, assaults, and threats to kill.

The hub introduced in January, has been praised by Barrow police, community groups and representatives of Cumbria County Council as being a catalyst for the court seeing a drop in serious crime incidents and reports.

Barrow police inspector, Jim Bailey said: “Egerton Court is an isolated sub-area within Barrow Island, which itself is isolated compared the rest of the town.

“By providing the community hub, we have given the Barrow Island residents a centrally-located place to go in case of crisis.

“It has created stability within an area which was out of control.”

Since the Egerton Court Hub’s opening there have only been three reports of assaults as of March, compared to last year where there were eight.

Other crime reports which have seen a drop to zero since the hub opening in January include burglary-dwelling, sexual offences and threats to kill - the latter offence having three reports in Egerton Court in May 2018.

Mr Bailey added: “There has been indirect positives that have come out of the hub.

“Recently, I had a meeting with someone who I arrested last year.

“We talked and this former offender was providing me with advice of how to tackle crime on Egerton Court - it was a beautiful moment.”

Community development officer Alison Meadows has been heavily involved in the Egerton Court hub project. She said: “The county council and Barrow police are working with BAE Systems, which is providing funds for a CCTV system because they have a vested interest for community stability. We’re working with Barrow Island PCSO Tina Sykes, Women’s Community Matters, The Well, St John’s Church/Community Nurses, Unity, and Mind.”