The latest Tory Government inspired ideas are not required in this country.

The financial squeeze continues when it does not need to.

Students lost their EMA, Schools are losing funding in the name of fairness, Older folk are now to lose their free TV licence.

Families who are on Benefits have suffered wounding cuts which will lead to adverse child hood experiences which in turn puts strain on the much reduced Public services to whom we turn.

This will not help elderly folk who need company and turn to the tele for just that.

In terms of usage do the over 75’s watch CBBC, BBC 3, BBC4, World News, I don’t think so! If we cannot afford to run so many channels then work on some credible alternatives.

We marched in Barrow for better Special Education Needs and disabled funding. We shall keep on marching to highlight the cuts which continue to ruin peoples lives.

Schools are finding it impossible to set budgets which meet the needs of their pupils. This in effect condemns the quiet, ordinary under achiever to continue on a poor trajectory which will leave them with few skills and set on a lesser path.

The Chancellor talks of £29 Billion Headroom to meet future challenges. I say use that money taken from the people to put right the damage done since 2010.

The Result of a by election in Peterborough shows that Labour policies ring true to the ears of local folk.

We in the Labour Party will work tirelessly to win each argument, and each seat we fight for on policies that will support local people to thrive.

For the many not the few.

Cllr Mark Wilson, Labour