Karl Johnson Another hotel? Great is it only me that has realised that in a few years time when all the hotels are built and there is no contractors to stay in them Barrow is going to be a town full of empty hotels, great!

Paul Lowe We need a massage parlour to relieve stress from facebook!

Alan Frederick Taylor or just not look at stuff like this on facebook and it wont cause stress lol

Matthew Jacob Barrow having more hotels and a good form of public transport into the lakes could lend itself to being a cheap option to visit the lakes. If we had an actual Royal Navy museum, a rail museum which included copper nob and a museum for the steel industry showing off the world first methods achieved here it would become desirable as a place to visit. Until then, it is a place where submarines are built, and nothing more. The council need to plan as if BAE were leaving the area next year, and currently they just idle along. Instead of the Morecambe bay bridge which would be terrible for the area, invest in this instead.

June Eccles I smell Ricky Lucas & Ian Alexander in this, with Mrs Lucas Spending " ER" money! I hope I'm wrong?

Kier McCarter June Eccles Lucas doesn't own it

June Eccles I never said he did, He,s not allowed to buy any more property, but where there's a will there's a way! Just like the Salendia & the last port of call being the Albion? I know more than you think!

Mickmike Wilson What happens to all these hotels when the yard doesn’t need the volume of out of town contractors anymore? Are the Council & Tourism body working on this for the future?

Jade Benson Well it was inevitable... Greggs or a hotel!

Jamie Wall There's that old police station being made into a hotel. Why do we need another?

Dave Mack We’ve got enough bloody hotels for contractors what we need is nightlife to drag the drunks back to Cornwallis St