A BUSINESS owner is shutting up shop after 15 years of serving Ulverston customers.

Joyce Cowin, who owns EJ Crafts on Market Street, Ulverston, is closing her shop doors for the final time this week.

The 64-year-old has been involved in the arts and crafts business for more than 25 years alongside a part-time receptionist role.

The shop, which was named after Mrs Cowin's daughter, Emily-Jane, sold a selection of paper arts and crafts before expanding primarily to wool materials.

Mrs Cowin said the last two decades has had "its highs and lows".

She said: "The retail industry was excellent when I first opened but over the years retail has dropped for everyone.

"That, coupled with coming up to my retirement age, seemed the perfect time to call it a day and close the doors."

Mrs Cowin first set up the Market Street sore in 2004 following the death of her husband.

She said: "I needed to work and provide for my daughter so thought being self-employed was the best solution.

"I also wanted to create some sort of legacy for my daughter."

Since announcing her departure from the Ulverston high street, Mrs Cowin said the reaction has been "wonderful."

She said: "The reaction's been lovely, everyone seems very upset that I'm going.

"It will be an emotional day for me, it's an end of an era.

"I loved the customer-facing part of the role, so I'll miss that the most."

Mrs Cowin is continuing her arts and crafts at Ulverston Ladies' Group. Her last official day of trading is this Saturday.