Ben Southward Kids Can't have fun nowadays we made a track in middle of nowhere when I was 10 and have no complaints until dog walkers started using the track.

David Staniland there's a scramble track at Soutergate open weds evenings

Ben Southward David Staniland I know I go myself. I just can't believe how much has changed for kids it's unbelievable they can't have a life.

Connor Chapman I've used the PUBLIC byway once in my 4x4 runs from Roanhead to Askam

Teresa Anne Epsworth Why is the National Trust not dealing with it if it's such amassive issue, they charge more than enough to park on a bit of gravel and claim to be looking after the area?

Ashley Mckeever Teresa Anne Epsworth don't pay for parking it's not enforceable, I never have and never will x

Teresa Anne Epsworth Ashley Mckeever I refused to both there and at the bird place on Walney.... Its not like they are actually helping keep the area clean either.

David Staniland I use the byway regular, the problem is kids on pit bikes screaming up and down causing problems for the rest of us

Karl Ward David Staniland you're a hooligan mate

David Staniland I'm fully legal and its a public byway, I don't go in the dunes or through the woods

Paul Mcbride Paul Wheeler Sara Wheeler Zaina Cargan wonder if it's out to do with same woman who verbally kicked off at our kids?