BARROW and Furness independent MP John Woodcock has denounced Jeremy Corbyn for taking part in Donald Trump protests in London.

Mr Woodcock said any Labour government led by the anti-nuclear Labour leader would be a disaster for the UK’s submarine programme and Barrow shipyard jobs while also imperilling the UK’s intelligence-sharing arrangements with Washington.

Mr Woodcock said: “It is a lamentable disgrace that Jeremy Corbyn and Labour’s would-be foreign secretary Emily Thornberry are joining street protests, rather than taking this opportunity to engage to tell him why he’s wrong.

“It is pretty dismal to see that the man who wants to be prime minister would snub the Queen’s invitation to represent the official opposition so they can play up to their supporters.

“If Corbyn took office, the US could start to pull back from sharing intelligence with Corbyn and pull the plug on co-operation over the submarine programme – threatening thousands of jobs in Barrow.”