Finding a place to park at the supermarket is enough to give anyone a headache.

Finding a spot that does not involve a 100m sprint in the rain or a hike from Outer Mongolia can often seem impossible, especially to mothers with young children and people with disabilities.

Often, you see other motorists tempted to park in the wider spaces, closest to the doors for their own convenience.

But this has a negative impact on those unable to park further away.

This is selfish behaviour.

But why do they do it?

Is it purely convenience or are people concerned about getting their cars dented?

Either way, we need to find a solution to stop this happening.

Many drivers just need educating about the problems they are causing.

They are probably inside browsing the wine shelves as mums carefully try to get a child seat out of their car.

Some bigger supermarkets have introduced fines for those drivers who flouted the rules.

Others must now follow suit.

Drivers of all generations need to be more considerate to one another.

So come on south Cumbria, break the habit of a lifetime today.

You never know your actions might just make someone's day that little bit better.