FOR a family to flee a warzone and then face even more persecution in a designated safe place is unimaginable.

But that has been the plight of one Syrian refugee family who have adopted Ormsgill in Barrow as their new home.

A small minority have shown the family no compassion and sought to make their lives a living hell.

This must stop immediately.

Barrow is a civilised community that has a big heart.

On a daily basis we see shining examples of how Barrovians can go the extra mile to help one another.

The 4,000 participants of the Keswick2Barrow walk are just one example of people doing something selfless for charity and good causes.

As a community we must challenge this poor and negative behaviour for the good of everyone.

This young family have been through hell and thought they were able to rebuild their lives but are continuing to live in fear.

The majority of people in Ormsgill have embraced the family whole-heartedly but a small number have made it their mission to make them feel unwanted.

If you know of any available homes please contact us.

After all, could you ever imagine being forced to flee your home country to a place of intolerance.