Karen Harris That poor man this is just horrendous. What is really worrying is that someone is out on the streets carrying a knife and if willing to do that to a pet what next? It needs looking in to.

Toni Hollywood I think the police should do a little more looking into it really... First a cat... But what next?...

Emma Banks I'm so sorry to hear of his loss in such a horrendous way. Our pets are family and for someone to murder a family member in such a way is unthinkable and utterly disgusting. This should be taken more seriously by the police and rspca need to be involved. Sleep tight little one

Lee Edmondson This is why I keep my cat indoors all the time, there's too many idiots around these days! I ask ya honestly who in their right mind could do such a thing to an helpless animal

Nikki Findlay Scorer This poor chap loosing his pet in such a horrific way after he lost his wife, I just don’t know what is going on with people. Scary really

Teresa Dixon Some sick individuals walking the streets. Feel for this man he should not have to deal with this kind of stress at his age

Jay Wes 2 cats been killed by a dog next door to me few weeks ago...poor lady next door is devastated how could someone do such a thing

Lynn Waugh Keep them safe and cosy indoors.

Sharon Williams Omg! This is heartbreaking

Alana Quinn It's disgusting. I had something horrific to my cat. A sick individual set his dogs on my cat savaged it to death then through it up on my roof. I was physically sick and my son and I really upset. The poor man. I feel for him. I'm a great believer in karma. Anyone who be cruel to a defenceless animal will reap what they sow.

Peter Garth Sick people poor little cat

Susan New Horrible people out there