IT is not everyday you get the chance to eat award winning food prepared by a Michelin starred chef.

But on Bank holiday Monday that was exactly what I did.

Dressed up to the nines me and my husband headed to Cartmel Races for an afternoon of gambling and high dining.

Always the one to arrive in ‘inappropriate footwear’ I panicked a little when I got out of the car and realised I would have to tip-toe across the fields in my stilettos to get to the new pop up restaurant L’Enclume chef Simon Rogan.

But as I took my seat directly next to the finish line I was glad I had made the effort as my fellow diners had also dressed for the occasion.

When the first course of Mackerel Tartare, fermented gooseberries and horseradish arrived it was instantly obvious how much effort had gone into making the dish look so elegant.

But not being a massive fish fan I found the dish slightly too exotic for my tastes.

The main course of aged short rib of beef, creamed potatoes and bone marrow was every meat lovers dream. The beef was succulent and the aroma of the dish alone was magnificent. We were not disappointed with the taste test. Every mouthful was sensational.

To end the experience we delved into dark chocolate fondant with sweet cicely custard. This was divine. The oozing rich chocolate perfectly complemented the creamy custard.

After lunch we tried to get our head around the racing. after six races we finally managed a win.

Escaping from the rain we headed back into the restaurant where we were served with a roast pork sandwich and camomile cake and meadowsweet cream.

This gorgeous snack was delightful and a perfect way to stop the wine taking too much affect.

Overall this was a wonderful experience and one I would recommend to all. So make sure you give it a go!

PROS: A wonderful treat, it complements the offering at the races, makes fine dining more available

CONS: Its expensive, not good for big appetites

Food 4/5

Atmosphere 5/5

Value 5/5

Service 5/5