We asked you what you thought of £1.5m plan to install traffic lights on major Barrow roads. Here's a selection of your views...

Chris Grennell It’s to do with the busy times of the day not the quiet times, so here a little example for you, well actually it’s real life so the shipyard finishing time on the day shift is 4pm everyone comes out of work at the same time, the roundabout can’t cope with that amount of traffic coming from 3 directions, anyone coming out of the residential area has to wait for a gap in the traffic which at home time is going to be an awful long wait as vehicles coming from the Tesco end of the road converge most trying to get to Walney Island, then there’s the traffic coming along bridge road from every car park around the shipyard, that traffic wants to go straight on towards the one way system or Tesco, then there’s all the traffic trying to go over to town or wherever from Walney, and besides the yard traffic there’s all other road users too. So what I’d like to say is look at the bigger picture not what it’s like when it’s quiet.

Paul Russell Hows about making a park and ride for workers in the shipyard as most drive into work it could be housed up park road. If you look at the people who drive into the shipyard 90% of the cars only have one person in so one bus would reduce the cars by 40/50 instead of trying to figure out how to make the roads cope reduce the traffic at peak times !

Steve Little Good idea, I live on Barrow Island and have a residents permit also a blue badge but the ignorance of some BAE employees is unbelievable, as I don't walk far nor does my neighbour, we have been waiting now on highways for two months to mark our yellow bays out most of the time when we go out in our cars return to find space taken its a terrible problem over here

Ray Guselli Going to and coming from Walney today, once again we had no delays at the roundabout by the DDH.....but on both occasions had to stop and wait at the lights at the end of the bridge....this is despite the fact we were turning left to ocean road and no one came across the Promenade or turned right, from Central Drive into ocean road. It seems roundabouts are more efficient...

Ann Whiteside Should have a turn left if safe rule

Gary Lightfoot The traffic always rune better when lights are out on Walney end.

Chris Linton Again I think we need two roundabouts marked on the road either side of the bridge.simple and a cheaper option.Will not hinder the transport of BAE units and will save on electricity and maintenance of traffic lights.Also have one walkway and on other side of the bridge use this as a cycle lane.