Our guide to all the soap action week

Kat's Out of Bag

EastEnders (BBC1)

Kat isn't exactly a natural born peacemaker, so when she tries to broker a truce between Kush and Martin, she inevitably manages to make everything worse by letting slip that her boyfriend is planning to go for joint custody of Arthur.

So not only do Martin and Kush have something else to row about, but Stacey decides that Kat is no longer family.

Phil's relationship with Louise also goes from bad to worse when she reacts badly to his offer to pay for an abortion, prompting him to recruit Ben and Lexi to show her the pitfalls of parenthood.

Ben has troubles of his own to deal with when he heads to Callum's housewarming party, only to be confronted by memories of Paul.

Honey accuses Billy of trying to ruin her relationship after he warns her Adam is cheating on her, while Mariam and Arshad discover the real reason Habiba and Iqra are in Walford.

The newly returned Robbie is acting shifty, Jack tries to take Denise's mind off the dramas at the salon, and Mick attempts to win Spice Girls tickets for Linda.

Baby Shocker!

Coronation Street (ITV)

Gemma's morning sickness increases so Chesney takes her to hospital for a scan, during which they get a huge surprise - they are expecting quads.

With Nick and David's scam now out in the open, the Platts try to sort out the mess. Sarah is first to step up by taking control of the factory, but it's up to Gary to find a way to pay the wages - which he does by selling back the stash of passports to their owners.

Nick puts pressure on David to allow him to take the rap in return for the business, but after the brothers are arrested, David tells the police exactly what happened, then signs over the barbers' to Audrey. After a heart-to-heart with Ken - somebody who's had his own fair share of family problems over the years - she offers David an olive branch by giving him a job, although he'll be working for Maria.

Peter and Simon move to Carlisle to be closer to Carla's clinic, Norris ponders his future and Tim admits he's getting attached to Tiny.

Meet the Parent

Emmerdale (ITV)

Kim manages to make yet another enemy this week when she lets rip at a motorist who causes her horse to bolt, unaware the driver in question is Jamie's wife Andrea, who has come to the village with their daughter Millie.

Jamie tries to find Andrea a job in the hope she'll stick around, but Kim is less keen on the idea of competing for her son's attention...

Elsewhere, Diane and Robert are shocked when pregnant Victoria insists she doesn't want a termination. They aren't the only ones struggling to take in the news, as Victoria also bravely opens up to her friends about the rape and her plan to keep the baby.

Pollard spots Maya lurking around the village and presents her with an ultimatum - either she tells Jacob, who is insisting he'll wait for her, that she doesn't love him or he'll call the police.

Sparks fly between Jai and Laurel, while Nicola points out to Bernice that Liam is suspiciously touchy on the subject of his late ex-wife.

Ste's in Deep

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

Anti-radicalisation organisation Prevent pays Ste a visit, but sadly it seems the only people he's interested in listening to are his sinister friends.

Jonny is soon whispering in his ear again when Liberty posts some pictures of her bridal party in traditional Indian dress - including bridesmaid Peri. Egged on by his mate, Ste tracks down his niece as he she's taking more photos and orders her to take the outfit off.

And if that wasn't disturbing enough, Leela later overhears a far-right meeting...

Elsewhere, Sadie needs a place to stay, so Harry takes her back to James' flat, while hiding her from the owner. However, he can't keep her away from Liam, who makes her an interesting offer.

Liam's own behaviour is raising eyebrows as Lisa suspects he's the one who ran Grace over, while Cleo tries to find Joel a flamate - but Goldie isn't keen on the idea of him living with Cindy.

Kyle threatens legal action when Darren accuses him of stealing from the restaurant, and Mercedes has to deal with Breda and a hangover following a salsa night.

Getting Into Gear

Home and Away (C5)

Ziggy is horrified when she learns that Dean took a beating to protect her, prompting an emotional release. He then finds a way to distract her from Brody - a wrecked old car they can renovate together.

It looks as if Brody will be permanently out of her sight soon too. He tells his nearest and dearest about his plans to leave Summer Bay with Simone, and is hurt by Justin and Tori's reaction. Mason tries to persuade them to support Brody, while he prepares to put Salt up for sale.

Marilyn and John are relieved when Jett's plan to move to the city is delayed by a lack of suitable accommodation. Robbo then persuades Jett to seek help from the army chaplain.

Robbo could use some assistance himself. His efforts to win back Jasmine only make matters worse, but she eventually agrees to talk to him, during which a startling revelation about her past comes to light.

Secrets and Lies

Neighbours (C5)

Can Andrea really be trusted? After all the stunts she's pulled, you would imagine not, so it comes as no surprise to see how wary Toadie is of her now she's back in Erinsborough and claiming that Dee could still be alive.

While Mark investigates her story - and even finds evidence suggesting she could be telling the truth - Andrea allows Karl to hypnotise her in the hope of unearthing further information. It seems to be working until she suddenly becomes distraught - but is she faking her distress?

Later, Toadie relents and lets her see Hugo before she leaves, promising to make everything right while hiding her secret agenda.

Roxy is thrilled when Paul agrees to buy Vance's horse as a gift for Terese, but she's less than pleased on discovering the nag is stolen.

David and Aaron worry about leaving Mark alone while they go on holiday, sparks fly between Bea and Finn, and Chloe jumps to the wrong conclusion about Pierce.