Students at an Ulverston school have taken part in a healthy lifestyle challenge to raise awareness about the benefits of fitness and nutrition.

Numerous pupils from Ulverston Victoria High School (UVHS) have taken part in a term-long healthy lifestyle event tracking their fitness and diet across a number of weeks.

The aim of the event was to help highlight the necessary steps required for a healthy lifestyle whilst also participating in a range of different fitness-based classes.

Alongside this, the school also ran a ‘fittest form’ challenge where pupils had to track their active lifestyles.

This included eating five portions of fruit and veg per day, 30 minutes of continuous exercise and eight hours of sleep.

As well as this, a number of pupils have taken part in a host of different exercise methods each PE lesson, ranging from: body attack, yoga, circuit training, bleep test, HIIT training and many more.

This training, however, has not gone to waste as all pupils from year 7 -11 completed a 5K Race For Life earlier this year.

Pupils rallied together in receiving sponsors for the world's largest independent charity, Cancer Research.

More than 1000 pupils ran the 5K race which raised £8353 for the charity.

Assistant Headteacher of UVHS, Richard Butler, praised the pupils' efforts.

He said: "Our UVHS pupils have been fantastic and what a term it has been! They raised an outstanding sum of money, showing how brilliant our pupils are."